Foods That Will Help Control Your Hunger levels

We generally associate becoming overweight with eating, which is true, but it is also evident that there are foods and other consumables that will actually help us to feel less hungry, and be less inclined to snack or overeat at mealtimes.  Whether you combine these foods and beverages with other dietary supplements, these can definitely assist you in keeping hunger pangs at bay.

Water is actually one of nature’s best appetite controls.  It has been found that drinking a glass of water before a meal helps you  eat less.  Water fills your stomach and tells your brain that you really are not feeling that hungry.  Besides drinking water before a meal, you can also do this whenever you start to feel hungry between meals.  There is some speculation that when we become even a bit dehydrated, our brains confuse this with hunger and tell us to eat rather than drink.  Just drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day can help you to control your hunger.

Foods with a lot of fiber also  enable us to stay longer between meals. Vegetables such as cabbage or lettuce not only make us feel full, but as the amount of calories needed to digest these foods is equal to the caloric content of the foods themselves, you literally cannot eat too many of them.  Do not, however, fall into the trap of dousing these with a lot of high calorie dressing – any advantage will then be lost.

If you enjoy drinking smoothies, these help us to keep hunger suppressed.  These foods fill us up and stay in our systems longer than other delectable drinks are another alternative way to stay full.  You can make a low-calorie, filling smoothie by using yogurt, soy milk, and fruit such as bananas or strawberries.  Not only will you feel full, but you will also be getting plenty of protein from the yogurt and soy milk.

We are all familiar with the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but an update to that could well be, “An apple a day keeps hunger at bay.”  Apples contain a good amount of fiber that helps to fill us up and stop us from feeling hungry.   Besides containing fiber and some vitamins and minerals, apples also contain water, which also helps to suppress hunger cravings.  Besides apples, munching on popcorn that has been prepared without the use of fats can also help to fill you up for few calories.

A few adjustments to your diet, substituting foods that will control hunger for ones saturated with calories will soon have a positive effect on your weight, fitness and health.

Good luck!


Natural Tips to Weight Loss

It is easy to lose weight quickly and naturally if you have a systematic weight loss program. Many people failed to lose weight successfully because of the natural tendency to choose easy quick fix programs such as going on drastic diets, popping diet pills or persuaded to buy some exercise gadgets that simply do not work.

To lose weight quickly, naturally and easily, you have to combine a healthy eating habit, correct cardio and strengthening exercises. We shall touch on the subject of how to lose weight quickly and naturally through a healthy eating program in this article.

Increase Your Metabolism: Eat 5-6 small meals daily. It has been scientifically proven that by eating frequently, you will raise your body’s natural metabolism. That means your body will burn more fat naturally. You become a fat burning machine all day long.

Eat Less Calories: Although you need to increase meal frequency to lose weight naturally, you must be mindful of your caloric consumption. Calories consumed must not exceed calories expanded for your daily energy. So keep your meals small and cut down on dietary fats as each gram of fat contains 9 calories whereas each gram of protein and carbohydrate contains only 4 calories.

Avoid Starchy And Processed Flour Foodstuffs: These foodstuffs are easy to digest and turn into sugar rapidly and in turn get converted to body fat if these sugar calories are not used up as energy quickly. So ditch your cakes, cookies, pizzas, pastas, white rice etc Replace them with high fiber bread, legumes, brown rice, grains and nuts instead. So stay away from fast food restaurants as most fast food menus offer such foodstuff.

Avoid All Sugary and Soft Drinks: Reason is obvious. Most if not all of these kind of drinks are heavily laced with sugar and sugar gets converted to body fat very quickly. You have to run on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes just to burn away a can’s worth of calories in a soft drink. Just imagine how much body fat you will accumulate if you drink just three cans of soft drinks a day along with 2 cups of sugar added coffee?

Avoid All Forms Of Alcohol: There are about 7 calories in a gram of alcohol. Alcohol calories have zero nutritional value. They are just mere empty calories. Indulging in regular alcohol consumption not only wrecks your health, it will set back your weight loss program completely.

Oh! So you think this eating habit is difficult to implement or that you will miss your sugary foodstuffs and soft drinks? Not to worry. You may experience some withdrawal symptoms at first but after a week or two, you will be weaned off your sugar and simple carbohydrate cravings. Once your addictions to these foods are curbed, you will no longer have your sweet tooth and will naturally avoid such foodstuff.

Just by following these healthy eating habits, you will start to lose weight easily, quickly and naturally. Include cardio and weight lifting exercises into your weight loss program and your weight loss will be permanent.

Good luck!